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Making sexual, gender, and reproductive justice a reality in faith communities and society will require all of us working together. We need you to add your voice, energy, and resources to this movement. Learn how you can get involved in our work at the Religious Institute.

Join Our Network

The Religious Institute serves a network of clergy, religious educators, seminary presidents and deans, religious scholars, and people of faith who are committed to sexual, gender, and reproductive justice. We are in regular contact with our network members, offering frequent opportunities and resources for education, prayer, and social action. Click here to join our network.

Endorse the Religious Declaration

Written in January 2000, the Religious Declaration on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing is the Religious Institute’s founding document. Since its publication, thousands of religious leaders have endorsed the Religious Declaration, joining the call for prophetic religious leadership on sexual, gender, and reproductive justice. We encourage all religious leaders to endorse the Religious Declaration.

Use Our Services

The Religious Institute team offers a broad range of services to people of faith, religious leaders, denominations, seminaries, and faith-rooted organizations. These include providing technical assistance on sexuality-related issues, offering trainings and workshops, speaking at conferences, preaching in faith communities, identifying progressive people of faith to speak with the media, and offering resources to faith communities.  


The work of the Religious Institute is made possible by the financial support we receive from individual donors and charitable foundations. Because we are a small organization, every donation truly does makes a difference. Thank you in advance for your generosity. To learn more about planned giving or making a larger gift, click here.