Why does the Assemblies of God stand so strongly against pornography?

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Why does the Assemblies of God stand so strongly against pornography?

The Assemblies of God is strongly opposed to all forms of pornography so freely available today. The 1987 Statement on Pornography expresses distress and outrage at “the encroachment of pornographic materials and establishments in America.” All around us we see the insidious consequence of pornography on social values, on moral behavior, and on family life.

We believe pornography violates the sexual and moral integrity of human beings. God created human beings as male and female to consummate their sexual union within the security of marriage for the purposes of procreation and mutual intimacy. Pornography encourages sexually immoral thoughts (Matthew 5:28) and actions (1 Corinthians 6:9; Galatians 5:19) and is thus destructive to marital and family relationships.

Though some defenders of pornography dispute the claim, there is no question about the fact pornography is linked with such immoral behavior as promiscuity, sexual abuse, adultery, rape, violence, child abuse, degrading human dignity, sexual dominance, and discrimination. The indirect but real devastation of families and marriages is a high price to pay for this vice which fills the pockets of unprincipled members of organized crime. Pornography is now available at local movie theaters, neighborhood video shops, and on home television and computer software. The Assemblies of God is particularly disturbed at the availability of this diabolical material to children and young people.

The portrayal of nudity which does not involve force, coercion, sexual activity, violence, or degradation is defended by some as having no relation to pornography. Classical paintings of past centuries are presented as evidence along with medical depictions of unclad human bodies which are essential for life-sustaining professions. However, blanket approval of “mere” nudity has its dangers. When does “mere” nudity begin to take on clear suggestions of sexual activity? The impact of such material on children, on attitudes about women, and on the relationship between the sexes must be seriously considered.

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