Same Sex Marriage

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Bill Number: DB 1

Reference: Part V, Ministry, Section VI. The Itinerant Ministry, B. Responsibilities, Pg. 118

Intent: To make positive law as it relates to the A.M.E. Church and same sex marriage and to inform both clergy and lay as to the position of our denomination.

Rationale: Same sex marriage has become a major issue in the nation and in churches across the nation. Some court rulings have been in favor of same sex marriage which has given it credibility. There must be no confusion as it relates to the position of our denomination.

Add to Responsibilities, page 118, B, as #28

Same Sex Marriage

The African Methodist Episcopal Church (AMEC) believes that marriage is ordained by God as set forth in the Holy Scriptures. Further, the AMEC believes that unions of any kind between persons of the same sex or gender are contrary to the will of God.

Therefore, the AMEC strictly prohibits and forbids any AMEC clergy person, licensed and/or ordained from performing or participating in or giving any blessing to any ceremony designed to result in any pairing between persons of the same sex gender, including, but not limited to, marriage or civil unions. Further, the AMEC strictly prohibits and forbids the use of any AMEC property for the performance of and/or the participation in and/or giving of any blessing on the same.

Any AMEC clergy person licensed and/or ordained charged with violating this rule shall be referred to the Ministerial Efficiency Committee. If the charges are sustained, the Bishop shall suspend the clergy person and shall convene the Trial Committee within 45 days. If the charges are sustained by the Trial Committee, such person’s ordination shall be revoked by the Annual Conference and he/she shall be relieved of his/her orders and/or license.

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