from Section 7. Policy and Procedures for the Prevention and Intervention of Sexual Misconduct, “Church Administrator’s Handbook”

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…I. Introduction and Policy Intentions

The church is firmly committed to the pastoral care of people in all areas of need. This policy concerns the church’s response to a particular area of need: sexual abuse and misconduct. The intent of the policy statement is to establish procedures that aid in prevention and remediation of sexual misconduct incidents within the church. This policy applies to all people serving the church whether in a volunteer, affiliate, or paid capacity. The intention of the church in outlining these procedures is to exercise its moral and ethical mandate, to comply with laws of the land, and to demonstrate pastoral concern for the victim, the victim’s family, the accused, and the offender.

Sexual abuse of children or adults is unlawful, immoral, and a serious offense to the dignity of the human person as created by God. The church does not condone abusive sexual behavior or sexual misconduct in any form, and emphasizes that such behavior can never be seen as arising out of the duties or employment of people serving the church…

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