Confirm and Endorse the Cambridge Accord

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Resolved, That the 73rd General Convention of the Episcopal Church affirm and endorse the Cambridge Accord of October 1, 1999 and urge all members of the House of Bishops to affix their names to the Accord, the text of which follows.


In the name of God, we, the bishops of the Anglican Communion who have affixed our names to this Accord, publish it as a statement of our shared opinion in regard to all persons who are homosexual. We affirm that while we may have contrasting views on the Biblical, theological, and moral issues surrounding homosexuality, on these three points we are in one Accord:

* That no homosexual person should ever be deprived of liberty, personal property, or civil rights because of his or her sexual orientation.
* That all acts of violence, oppression, and degradation against homosexual persons are wrong and cannot be sanctioned by an appeal to the Christian faith.
* That every human being is created equal in the eyes of God and therefore deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

We appeal to people of good conscience from every nation and religious creed to join us in embracing this simple Accord as our global claim to human rights not only for homosexual men and women, but for all God’s people.

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