Sexually Healthy Religious Professionals

1378787_743689952314835_1203742546_nSexually healthy religious professionals—clergy, religious educators, youth advisors, and pastoral counselors—are comfortable with their own sexuality, have skills to provide pastoral care and worship on sexuality issues, maintain professional boundaries and avoid misconduct, and are committed to sexual justice in the congregation and the society at large.

The Religious Institute is committed to assuring that the nation’s clergy and religious professionals will have the education, skills and commitment to be sexually healthy and responsible leaders.

Sexuality Issues for Religious Professionals Online Course

This online, self-guided graduate-level course covers such sexuality-related topics as understanding one’s personal values and history, components of sexual identity, sexual development, life behaviors of a sexually healthy adult, dealing with attraction and boundaries, pastoral care, safe congregation policies, sexuality education, and worship in the context of ministry.

Note: Course registration is now open. Click here for more information.

Preventing Clergy Sexual Misconduct Online Workshop

The Religious Institute is pleased to announce its new online workshop on preventing clergy sexual misconduct. This online workshop was created for Unitarian Universalist clergy, candidates, and seminarians. It explains the new UUMA code of conduct on sexual relationships and the UUMA standards related to it. In addition, the workshop helps participants understand the difference between sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, and provides information on handling attraction and boundaries in ministry.

Get the full course description and the link to sign up here.

Worship Resources

The Religious Institute has published and collected a broad collection of worship resources with a focus on sexuality and reproductive justice.

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Congregational Resources

The Religious Institute provides a wide range of services and information for clergy and congregations that want to be sexually healthy and responsible.

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